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Today it’s just you and me and we’re doing one of my favorite things– a Q&A! I’ll admit it– this show, in general, is partially a selfish endeavor– I just LOVE having an excuse to sit down with awesome guests and pick their brains as if we’re two friends grabbing coffee. And I obviously hope that you have the same questions and interests as I do, but ya never know, right? So TODAY, I want to make absolutely sure that I’m answering the questions that YOU care about. I put up a few question boxes on my Instagram story this week– LOVE that feature, and I asked you guys for your business, fitness / wellness, and personal questions and boy, did we get some good ones! So I’m going to go ahead and split those topics into 3 DIFFERENT episodes and today we’re going to focus on a specific genre that I got a LOT of questions about, and that’s confidence, body-image, and I guess just balance with pursuing health and fitness goals and OH MAN do I have a lot of experience with this stuff, so I’m excited to dive in! And I’m not just excited because I have a lot to ramble on about– I do love a good ramble– but I’m more excited that I have a platform to speak about issues that SOOO many women experience. So if you struggle with these things– confidence, body image, self love– all of that deep shit– you are not alone, not even a little bit. So yeah, this is important and I’m so glad we’re doing this– let’s get started!

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