#757 How Hap Klopp Built The North Face

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What is it like to start one of the greatest outdoor companies in the history of the world?

Hap Klopp is the founder and 20-year CEO of The North Face. Subsequently, he has managed his global consulting company, with clients from startups to billion-dollar corporations, and teaches entrepreneurship. He is here to share his entrepreneurial journey and the business lessons you don’t get with an MBA.

  • Your first paying job is a very interesting part of your story – tell us about it!
  • Hap’s founder’s story, beginning in 1968 when he acquired The North Face. What caught your eye about these stores?
  • Hap’s big idea was to apply technology to a commoditized field and revolutionize an industry – The North Face did this many times, beginning with camping.
  • You did content marketing early on at The North Face. What did that help you accomplish?
  • The best advice Hap received that helped him build The North Face
  • Why the most difficult lesson Hap learned is that “90% of the responsibility is mine and 10% is theirs. If you think it’s 50/50, you will be let down more often than not.”
  • You actually worked with Buckminster Fuller, American architect, systems theorist, designer, and famous inventor of the Geodesic Dome, to make tents. Tell us about that.
  • Why entrepreneurs shouldn’t expect an “overnight success.”

Hap Klopp is active on LinkedIn. He teaches classes on “What you Don’t Get with a $200,00 MBA” through 3 Amigos. He is the author of “Conquering The North Face: An Adventure In Leadership” and “Almost: 12 Electric Months Chasing A Silicon Valley Dream.”

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