The ERA Centennial Convention seeks to mark the important historic milestone of the ERA Centennial, celebrate the women and queer people who have fought for the ERA for 100 years, push for finalizing the federal ERA, and launch the grassroots fight for a New York state-level ERA ballot initiative. The goal is to mark the century-long fight to get the ERA into the Constitution by ending it.

The objective of the ERA Centennial Convention is to hold an intergenerational convening on July 21-22, 2023 in Seneca Falls, NY at the First Presbyterian Church of Seneca Falls, where the National Woman’s Party first unveiled the ERA—at the exact same podium Alice Paul gave her speech that day, 100 years ago. The event will be focused on cultivating the next generation of ERA activists and helping them see their place in history as constitution makers. The target will be to have at least one ERA activist from all 50 states attend the in-person event to build a nationwide network of advocates, and set goals for constitutional equality for the next year. 

The Convention will be action-oriented. We will ground ourselves in a critical examination of the past in order to make choices for the future that will help create a more diverse, inclusive, effective ERA movement going forward.

The lead organizations carrying out the Centennial Convention are Equal Rights Action, Columbia Law School’s ERA Project and Generation Ratify. The fiscal sponsor of this event is the Alice Paul Institute, which means that all money donated to sponsor youth to attend this event is tax-deductible. These organizations will work in collaboration with a large coalition of youth-centered and gender equity organizations to recruit a diverse group of convention delegates, plan the weekend’s events and produce a declaration and collective action plan to work together to finalize the federal ERA and get state ERAs passed in all 23 remaining states.

To learn more and register, click here.

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