#694 Why Your Employees Are the Target of Hackers

SEGMENT 1 with JD Sherman, starting at 0:00: Cybersecurity is a huge issue for small business owners. Your business is always at risk if you’re not making cybersecurity a priority. It seems like the number one problem is password protection, and there is an easy solution.

SEGMENT 2 with Tiago Forte, starting at 19:00: One of the things that so many small business owners struggle with is how to be more productive at work and get done every day the things that matter the most. Our next guest

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SEGMENT 3 with Michael Unbroken, starting at 37:30: Limiting beliefs hold small business owners back – when they think customers are hard to find or that they can’t make enough money in their business, it comes true! Our next guest helps people break through these limiting beliefs to accomplish everything they want in life and in their business.

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