#696 How Ingrid Vanderveldt is Empowering a Billion Women Entrepreneurs

SEGMENT 1 with Ingrid Vanderveldt, starting at 0:00: Many of us have bold visions. But not too many people I know would have the vision of empowering a billion women. Ingrid Vanderveldt is here to share how she is giving women around the world the ability to get over 6-7 figures annually and beyond doing what they love.

SEGMENT 2 with Richard S. Hawkes, starting at 16:45: As we speak, the world and our companies are becoming more toxic. How do we navigate this mess inside our companies?

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SEGMENT 3 with Mike McDerment and Claire McDerment, starting at 35:15: Who inspired you start your business? Our next guest says it was his mother. Mike’s mother Claire inspired Mike to found and scale FreshBooks into the unicorn company it is today. She launched several not-for-profit projects while balancing life as a mother of four.

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