#658 How Your Small Business Can Accept Any Form of Digital Payment


SEGMENT 1 with Yaro Starak: A lot of small business owners think they need to be at the center of everything in their company, but in reality, the best scenario is that you get out of the way so your company can grow without you! Yaro Starak is here to share why and how to make it happen.

SEGMENT 2 with Kerry Hatch: While financial payment systems have been going digital in the past 5 years and are now sped up by COVID, so many B2B transactions are behind and it’s hurting the growth of small

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SEGMENT 3 with Monique Golden: In this ever-changing world, we need innovation and evolving skillsets to adapt to it. That’s one of the reasons why XPRIZE was born. XPRIZE is a non-profit organization that designs and hosts public competitions intended to encourage technological development to benefit humanity. Monique Golden is here to tell us more about it.

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2 years ago

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