#665 An Entrepreneur’s Roadmap for Overcoming Fears in Starting a Business

SEGMENT 1 with Mark Zhang, starting at 0:00: There is a new movement that is washing across the business world. It’s called pro-napping and the idea is that team members should be able to take power naps every day at work. Mark Zhang is here to share his experience running a pro-napping company.

SEGMENT 2 with Ross Buhrdorf, starting at 17:15: What are the biggest fears and challenges of starting a business? Ross Buhrdorf is here to help entrepreneurs navigate rejection, asking for money,

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SEGMENT 3 with Robbie Samuels, starting at 36:45: How do you launch a new offer even if you have a small list? Robbie Samuels walks us through a practical process for researching, creating, and launching a new offer to an audience that actually wants it.

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