#666 How Self-Marketing Can Make You (or Your Company) Famous


SEGMENT 1 with Rainer Zitelmann, starting at 0:00: We live in the age of self-marketing genius with celebrities like former President Donald Trump and Kim Kardashian. How have people like this leveraged self-marketing and how can you use it for your business?

SEGMENT 2 with Evan Goldberg, starting at 18:30: SuiteWorld returned to an in-person conference this year. Evan Goldberg is here to share the highlights and advice to help small business owners manage their supply chain and cash flow.

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SEGMENT 3 with Tegan Kehoe, starting at 35:30: When we think of inventions and innovations, we rarely think in terms of medical advancements throughout history. Like business, medicine has had it shares of twists and turns and false starts. Here to share more of this fascinating history of American healthcare is public historian Tegan Kehoe.

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