#676 What You MUST Know to Successfully Run a Family Business

SEGMENT 1 with Jonathan Goldhill, starting at 0:00: The dynamics of family businesses are fascinating. While it’s not quite like the Roy family on the hit TV show Succession, there are unique issues that any family faces when they work in the same business together. Jonathan Goldhill shares the things family businesses must get right in order to scale and survive for the next generation.

SEGMENT 2 with Guy Goldstein, starting at 19:00: Small business owners have always hated paying for so

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SEGMENT 3 with Jay Jung, starting at 37:00: So many small business owners are bad at managing the numbers side of their business. And there is a good reason for that since there is really no one there to teach them! It’s important to have a baseline understanding of the financials you should be tracking each month, while also relying on financial professionals who can give your business expert guidance. Here to tell us what we need to know to manage the money side of our business is Jay Jung.

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