Jimmy Kimmel Reveals People’s Sexiest Man Alive For 2023, And It Doesn’t Go Well

The game kinda fizzled, frankly.

Some guests asked too-broad queries, like whether he has a podcast, or attempted humor by asking if he was sexier than Kimmel. (His answer was “no.”)

Finally, the frustrated “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host had to drop two big hints before someone finally guessed correctly.

We’ll spare you the details and let you play along, beginning at 7:10 below:

(Those of you who want the man’s identity right now can read below the video.)

Patrick Dempsey of “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Enchanted” fame became a first-time Sexiest Man Alive honoree at age 57.

“I’m glad it’s happening at this point in my life,” Dempsey told People. “It’s nice to have the recognition, and certainly my ego takes a little bump, but it gives me the platform to use it for something positive.”

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