#634 What Your Customer Now Wants in 2021

SEGMENT 1 with Gordon Henry, starting at 0:00: How will your customers’ wants and needs change again in 2021? Gordon Henry is here to help us stay on top of what our customers want and give us an overview of the technology trends coming in 2021 and beyond.

SEGMENT 2 with Taylor Backman, starting at 22:30: A small business finds an app they like to do the financial part of their business. Then they find another app that will do the CRM piece. Then they find another app that will do the email

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SEGMENT 3 with Lori Dann, starting at 37:00: A lot of small business owners are tired from this past year, so resiliency planning is going to be a big priority this year. Where do you start? Lori Dann is here to share the five key aspects of resiliency planning that small business owners should be aware of and take action on.

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