#637 How to Build Repeatable Revenue for Your Business


SEGMENT 1 with Troy Henikoff, starting at 0:00: What if you could create predictability across every aspect of your business – including your growth? Troy Henikoff says building repeatable revenue and creating predictable growth is all about knowing the levers in your business. He’s here to explain how.

SEGMENT 2 with Jeffrey Korzenik, starting at 19:30: As unemployment goes down, it is once again hard to find people to fill entry level positions. Where can small business owners turn to find

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SEGMENT 3 with Jessica Moser, starting at 36:00: It should come as no surprise that your employees are feeling anxious, depressed, and burnt out. This means that employee loyalty is on the decline. Jessica Moser is here with MetLife’s 19th annual employee trend study to share what small business owners need to be aware of so they can take action now.

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2 years ago

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