#638 How to Negotiate to Win in Business

SEGMENT 1 with Eric Dahan, starting at 0:00: Influencer marketing used to be very simple- you paid a spokesperson to represent your brand. Now, there are thousands of micro-influencers that brands use to promote their products on social media. How can small businesses make influencers work for their brand?

SEGMENT 2 with Emily Golden, starting at 17:00: How can you motivate and retain your employees after a very long year out of the office? What do your employees need from you as a leader

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SEGMENT 3 with Rich Michi, starting at 35:15: I am always surprised how many people have fear of negotiating anything in business, whether it’s compensation, a sale, or terms with a vendor. What are the keys for you to become a better negotiator so you can negotiate to win in business?

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