#642 Leadership Lessons from Climbing Mt. Everest Twice (and Crossing the North and South Poles)

SEGMENT 1 with Alison Levine, starting at 0:00: Leading a small business is full of challenges, and navigating them can be daunting. Sometimes it never feels like you’ll reach “the top of the mountain.” Alison Levine is a history-making adventurer who served as Team Captain of the first American Women’s Everest Expedition. She shares lessons for small business owners and leaders on how to lead teams in extreme environments.

SEGMENT 2 with Laurence Sotsky, starting at 19:45: As relief from the

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SEGMENT 3 with John Brandon, starting at 37:00: We all struggle with productivity. For whatever reason, people refuse to block out the distractions and confuse being productive with being busy. Here is a 7-minute productivity solution that can help you get done what’s most important.

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