#648 How the Tattooed Millionaire Spent His Savings to Keep His Employees During COVID


SEGMENT 1 with Sean and Thora Dowdell: During the height of the pandemic, a lot of small business owners pulled back to preserve their capital. Sean and Thora Dowdell did the opposite- they risked all but some reserve capital to remodel and improve their stores and keep their hard-earned brand identity strong and their staff intact.

SEGMENT 2 with Victoria Jones: It’s hard to believe that about 15 months ago, the unemployment rate was at a record 15%. Now the number one problem small

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SEGMENT 3 with Leslie Tayne: New reports came out that in June that inflation rose 5% – the most since 2008. What does a small business owner need to know and what can they do about it?

2 years ago

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