#579 Becoming a Small Business Owner by Accident

SEGMENT 1: Many of us become small business owners by accident. We never set out to be a small business owner, but along the way things happen that lead us down that path – we’re frustrated with our bosses, we get laid off, we want more control over our time, and so on. Accidental entrepreneur Marcus Babcock is here to share what he’s learned about running a business and which tools he would (and would not) use again to help him.

SEGMENT 2: The good news about digital marketing is that you can

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SEGMENT 3: One of the best ways for prospects to find your business on the internet is through a search engine. But how do you make sure that you show up on the search results page when they are looking? Here to help is Chris Rodgers, founder and CEO of the specialized SEO agency Colorado SEO PROS.

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