#583 How to Manage Your Team Better Now That You Only See Them Online


SEGMENT 1: Most small business owners were never formally taught how to manage their team. They typically learn as they go after they hire their first employee. Few owners start out wanting to become managers, but they soon realize the success of their company is tied to their employees. Here to help them be successful is Peter Economy, the best-selling business author of “Managing For Dummies”.

SEGMENT 2: The world is in turmoil with the spread of the coronavirus. It’s hard to remember we

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SEGMENT 3: Clean streets are good for business. Research shows that effective street cleaning increases city revenue and improves safety, and when trash is picked up and does not litter the streets, businesses see an average gain of 7% in revenue (San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development). Here to talk more about this are Elena Guberman and Emin Israfil who are the co-founders of Rubbish.

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3 years ago

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