#591 Are You Ready For The Surge?

SEGMENT 1: The SBA just released their first guidance on how to fill out the Payment Protection Plan (PPP) loan forgiveness application, and unfortunately… it’s complicated. It is eleven pages and small business owners are worried and overwhelmed. Here to help is Ami Kassar, the founder and chief executive officer of Multifunding LLC.

SEGMENT 2: A gut reaction for many small businesses during difficult times is to cut back all their marketing to save money. But this means you stop actively communicating with customers and prospects, and that could be a big mistake. Here to help us figure out the right balance is Elma Beganovich, mega influencer and founder of the digital agency A&E.

SEGMENT 3: This is an economic downturn like we have never seen in the US. That means it can also be the quickest recovery we have ever seen. Grant Freeman, Vice President of Client Success at Thryv, is here to share how your small business should prepare for an economic surge.

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