#592 How Effective is Your Customer Communication During the Pandemic?

SEGMENT 1: Now that basically all of our meetings are virtual, small business owners need to learn how to look their best on video calls and in videos that they make. This is not as easy or natural as it seems. Here to help is Kellsie Moore who is an actress and on-camera expert for purpose-driven entrepreneurs.

SEGMENT 2: During this time of unprecedented change, communication with our customers is critical. Most businesses benefit from communicating with their customers more not less. Your

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SEGMENT 3: This is certainly a stressful time for everyone as we are spending a lot of time indoors and seeing few people. One of the ways that many are coping with these new restrictions is through meditation. Here to help us find our Zen is Richard L. Haight who is the founder of the Total Embodiment Method (TEM), which is an awareness training system designed to integrate meditation into one’s daily life.

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