Nadia Mohamed Is The First Somali American Elected As Mayor In US History

Mohamed posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, that she was “deeply honored by the outpour of support by everyone” and expressed gratitude “for the opportunity to lead this great city.” While honoring the momentous nature of her election, Mohamed indicated that there would be more to come from her. ”Remember,” she tweeted, “this is a milestone, not the destination.”

Rep. Ilhan Omar, who is the first Somali American in U.S. Congress and whose district includes St. Louis Park, congratulated Mohamed on social media and echoed her language of milestones. “I am glad to have paved the way and can’t wait to see what more milestones we will cross as a community,” Rep. Omar tweeted. She added, “Love you sis, may tonight be the beginning of a productive mayorship.”

Mohamed’s election comes at a key moment in which the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict has stirred up sharp disagreements as well as Islamophobia and antisemitism. Mohamed, in her role as a city councilor, has already reached out to the significant Jewish and Muslim communities in the city. And as mayor, she is set to represent all the people in her community. “We are diverse in our skin, in our religions, in our ethnicities, but we are a community nevertheless,” Mohamed told CNN. “And so this means that they get to see me representing every single person who is a resident here.”

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