#539 What Do You Do When You Outgrow Quickbooks?

SEGMENT 1: A lot of small business owners grapple with the same issue: when does my business outgrow an early accounting solution like Quickbooks? We’ll show you when it may be time to put in a new system, such as an ERP system, that can grow with your business exponentially. Here to help is the co-founder and EVP of Oracle NetSuite, Evan Goldberg.

SEGMENT 2: One of the biggest risks facing our businesses and our society is health care. It’s becoming so expensive that less and less people can

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SEGMENT 3: Let’s say you had a great idea for a product, you produced a prototype, you made some changes, you manufactured it… now how do you actually get it out into the world? Kevin Mako, founder of Mako Design and Invent is here to walk us through the process.

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