#544 How Beta Leaders are Changing the Way We Lead

SEGMENT 1: Leadership is not just for the alpha dog. A more quiet and effective leadership revolution is underway and it’s lead by Beta Leaders. Who are these Beta Leaders and how is their style of leadership different? Jeffrey Hull, Ph.D., is here to share their characteristics with us and how they’re effecting teams. Jeffrey is The CEO of Leadershift Inc., a management consultancy based in New York City and the author of “Flex: The Art and Science of Leadership in a Changing World”.


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SEGMENT 3: How do you go from a Head of Marketing at Apple to starting your own food company? Career paths rarely follow a straight line, and here to share her winding path is Jenn Nicken, founder of The Chef and The Dish which provides private, one-to-one cooking classes live over Skype with chefs around the world.

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