#547 The Biggest Lie Standing Between You and Success

SEGMENT 1: Unfortunately for a lot of us, when we become “successful” we are severely disappointed because “success” always seems to involve more work, more hours, and more risks. Is success just another lie that we are doomed to chase? Well, not so fast. Janelle Bruland, successful Founder and CEO of one of Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing private companies, shares how you can actually find success, but it starts with understanding what the biggest lie about success is.

SEGMENT 2: Most of the

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SEGMENT 3: Diversity seems to be a word you hear all over the place, but what does it actually mean? Why is diversity in the workplace so important and how can it help you be more successful as a business? Rhonda Moret, founder of Elevate For Her and Elevated Diversity, is here to break down the value of diversity, and also give her advice to small businesses that aren’t sure how to move forward with incorporating diversity.

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