#549 Why Machines, Not Marketers are Getting Your Customers to Buy More

SEGMENT 1: Artificial intelligence is already hard at work changing how businesses market to consumers. The ability of sophisticated AI algorithms to constantly scrape, log, and cross-reference who consumers are in fractions of a second opens a lot of doors for small businesses. William Ammerman, Executive VP of Digital Media for Engaged Media, is here to help small business owners and marketing/business executives how to get in, and fast, on AI’s indispensable power.

SEGMENT 2: More and more

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SEGMENT 3: One of the best ways to get new business is to get referrals from customers. My guest Stacey Brown Randall says the way we are asking for referrals is all wrong and there is a much better way. She is here to share her “no asking” referral generation strategy.

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