#565 How to Make Your “Impossible Relationships” Healthier and Happier

SEGMENT 1: In any difficult relationship, whether professional, romantic, family, friendship or some other type of relationship, there are two sides to the story. What if there was a way to rid any relationship from its dysfunction, even if you think you aren’t the cause of it? Bryan Falchuk, best-selling author, professional speaker and executive coach who helps people change their lives for the better, is here to help.

SEGMENT 2: Why does the world need another bottled water? Ryan Emmons and

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SEGMENT 3: Much of communication is non-verbal, and it is said body language is more of a true measure of what a person is actually trying to communicate. So what body language should you look for in a business meeting? Here to help is Greg Hartley who served for nearly twenty years as an intelligence collector, interrogator, and interrogation trainer with the U.S. Army.

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