#568 Predict the Future with these Megatrends from Rohit Bhargava

SEGMENT 1: What if you could predict the future? For the past ten years, Rohit Bhargava has published an annual trend report that has been read or shared by more than a million readers. He’s here to share a few of the megatrends from his all new tenth (and final!) edition, which looks back at more than a hundred past predictions to spotlight the biggest megatrends that will change how we buy, sell or believe anything.

SEGMENT 2: Most small business owners start running the financial and

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SEGMENT 3: First impressions are so important in small business these days since customers are making decisions in seconds – that impression could be the difference between the start of a loyal customer or nothing at all. Here to help with how to form the best first impressions that produce lasting loyalty is Molly Moore who is the CMO of Ruby Receptionists.

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