#451 Jonathan Pellegrin Shares the Art of Selling the Family Business

Segment 1: Jonathan Pellegrinis the author of “The Art of Selling the Family Business”.

Segment 2: Ramon Ray is an entrepreneur, best-selling author and International speaker. He’s started four companies, 1 project and sold one business. Ramon’s passionate about educating business owners and entrepreneurs in how to start and grow their businesses.

Segment 3: Sonat Birnecker Hart spent over a decade as a full professor in both the United States and Germany, during which she wrote widely on the

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Segment 4: Karen Friedman is an executive communication coach, syndicated columnist, professional speaker and author of Shut Up and Say Something. 

Segment 5: Jason Tan is the CEO ofSift Science, a trust platform that offers a full suite of fraud and abuse prevention products designed to attack every vector of online fraud for industries and businesses across the world.

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