#456 What Small Businesses Can Learn From Donald Trump’s Political Branding

Segment 1: John Tantillo, Ph.D. is a branding/marketing expert. He is the author of the popular book, “People buy brands, not companies”.

Segment 2:Matt Dryfhoutis an entrepreneur who first launched the original and patented BaKblade to tremendous success when the army of hairy-backed men out there realized there was finally an easy way to keep back hair under control.

Segment 3:Ian Brown has run OnlyInBoards.com since January 2007. 

Segment 4: Mike Alden is the Founder & CEO of Blue Vase®

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Segment 5:Muhga Eltigani is the founder of NaturAll Club, a line of fresh and natural-ingredient hair products for curly hair. 

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