#401 Fast Company Cofounder Shares How to Bring Innovation to Unglamorous Fields

Segment 1: William C. Taylor is cofounder of Fast Company, author of Practically Radical, and coauthor of Mavericks at Work. He has published essays and CEO interviews in the Harvard Business Review, and blogs regularly for HBR. He is the author of the new book, “SIMPLY BRILLIANT: How Great Organizations Do Ordinary Things In Extraordinary Ways”.

Segment 2: Doug Kisgen is a serial entrepreneur, organizational consultant, and the published author of a book called “Rethink Happy”. His former

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Segment 3: Luke Anear is CEO and founder of SafetyCulture. He founded the company in 2004 after spending seven years in the workers’ compensation industry, where he realized how broken the system is.

Segment 4: Mercedes De Luca is the chief operating officer at Basecamp, maker of software tools that help teams collaborate and communicate. Mercedes served as CEO at MyShape, vice president of global information technology at Yahoo!, and vice president and general manager of internet commerce for Sears.

Segment 5: Robert Rice started 18 months ago with a desire to give people a choice of what they actually want inside of their mystery box subscription, instead of having to settle for what they get.

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