#418 It’s National Entrepreneurship Week Sponsored by Microsoft!

Segment 1: John Carroll is a Manager of Local Business Outreach at Yelp. He hosts informational sessions with local business owners across North America to educate them on best practices for navigating the world of online reviews.

Segment 2: Amber Colley is a Senior Vice President with Dun & Bradstreet who brings 20 years experience working with businesses of all sizes to help them grow and prosper.  She has coached thousands of business owners on establishing a business credit profile that

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Segment 3: Carol-Lynn Grow is a co-founder of LawToolBox which is an award winning all-in-one court rules provider and deadline management system provider that helps legal professionals calculate their litigation and other deadlines in state and federal court in 50 states.    

Segment 4: Karen Martell leads marketing and partnerships for Square and has worked at the intersection of technology and small business for the past 10 years. 

Segment 5: Melanie Gassis the senior business development manager over on Microsoft Community Connections.

Sponsored by Microsoft.

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