Life Update: October 2023 – CeCe Olisa

I hope this finds you healthy and happy as we transition into a new season. I’m writing to you wrapped in a warm cozy blanket and it feels lovely. Let’s jump into some life updates, shall we?

I’m Moving…

Recently, on instagram, I shared my decision to downsize, bidding adieu to the luxuries of a spacious apartment with a balcony, gym, pool (and sooo much more!). Some of you were intrigued, some of you were clutching your pearls. It’s a decision grounded in self-care, not just physically and mentally but extending to my overall well-being, including financial health. Will I stay in NYC? yes. Am I going to miss the pool? Absolutely! But, there’s a bigger purpose here. Embracing simplicity empowers me to temporarily level down, anticipating a grand level-up in the future, if God says the same.


Turn Your L’s into Lessons…

The recent WNBA Finals at the Barclays Center left me inspired. Despite the New York Liberty’s loss, it showcased the beauty of embracing victories and defeats publicly. Life isn’t defined by these moments; it’s about navigating insecurity, confronting imposter syndrome, and daring to put ourselves out there (yes, it’s hard… but you can do it!). The resilience of these women athletes fuels my daily commitment to play hard when it comes to spreading self-love, self-care, and self-confidence through my beauty baby, Cocoa by CeCe. Excitingly, our Holiday Collection is on the horizon, filled with self-care gems perfect for the giving season. More on that later…

We Walk by Faith…

This season, my absolute must-have is the Naturalizer Callie Power Boots! I usually wear an 11W, but I go for a size 12 to leave room for those cozy winter socks. These iconic combat boots are a fan-favorite, and this season, they come with an extra confidence boost with words of empowerment written all over them. I had the pleasure of attending the launch event and personalizing them with my personal power words, “Love” and “Faith.” As I move through a new season of my life, these are not just boots, they’re a daily reminder to stride forward with love in my heart and faith in every step.

Thank you for reading todays blog and being part of this journey with me. Change is a beautiful process, and each step forward is a triumph.

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