#333 Character-Driven Leaders, Top Sales People and a New Workforce


Segment 1: Fred Kiel, PhD, co-founder of KRW International, is the author of Return on Character: The Real Reason Leaders and their Companies Win and co-author of Moral Intelligence. For more than thirty years, he has helped Fortune 500 CEOs and senior executives build organizational effectiveness through leadership excellence and mission alignment. 

Segment 2: Eliot Burdett is the co-founder and CEO of Peak Sales Recruiting, a leading B2B sales recruiting company launched in 2006. He is

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Segment 3: Eliot Burdett continued…

Segment 4: How to Get Unstuck

Segment 5: Bill Cushwa is the founder and CEO of BEARACADE ® Door Control System. He brings more than 25 years of experience driving organizational improvement and implementation of best practices, particularly in the area of sales, fundraising, and donor relations. Bill has a unique blend of hands-on corporate expertise and an entrepreneurial mindset. 

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