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PITTSFIELD, Mass. — Mayor Tyer announced that United Aircraft Technologies, Inc. (UAT), a Pittsfield business, will be featured on Veteran’s Playbook on Destination America.


In the fall of 2020, the City of Pittsfield provided UAT with $300,000 in Economic Development Funds to help relocate to Pittsfield, create new jobs, testing equipment and software and to develop a new internship program.


“I am so thrilled to see the success UAT continues to achieve as they grow their operations, adding

more jobs to our local economy,” said Mayor Linda M. Tyer. “UAT sets an example for other veterans looking to explore entrepreneurship as part of their next chapter following their service in the armed forces. My administration is always ready and willing to help new and current entrepreneurs who want to start or expand their business in Pittsfield.”


United Aircraft Technologies, Inc. is a veteran, minority, and female led business that created a new class of clamp for aircraft wiring designed to reduce weight, improve safety, and simplify maintenance while incorporating augmented reality and artificial intelligence. The military-grade thermoplastic clamps are interconnecting, ergonomic and do not require the use of other hardware such as screws or bolts, resulting in a clamp that is up to 65 percent lighter than existing products.


This innovation was created by Daryian Rhysing, a veteran who served 14 years as an aircraft electrician for the US Army and Navy. He was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome after years of installing metal clamps on the wiring of Black Hawk and Chinook helicopters. Following his service, Daryian attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) and developed a thermoplastic interconnecting wire fastener. Based on that premise, Daryian and his wife, Evaguel Rhysing, founded United Aircraft Technologies, Inc. in Troy, NY in 2017.


“UAT is deeply grateful for the support and partnership of the City of Pittsfield. The investment they made in our mission has enabled us to grow and develop innovative technology that will impact both the aerospace and transportation industries,” said Evaguel Rhysing, CEO of UAT. “It was exciting to share our story centered around Daryian’s veteran journey, specially alongside people and organizations who have been with us since the beginning. There are so many more we couldn’t get featured, but we hope that our message of taking that leap of faith continues to be heard across the entire entrepreneurial community.”


Veteran’s Playbook is a show that conveys stories of United States veteran entrepreneurs with the hope to inspire other active military and veterans to consider business ownership as a viable path to success and fulfillment.


“I’m honored to be able to share my story and share a season with other veterans who have walked a similar path as me,” said Daryian Rhysing, CTO of UAT. “I want to continue to show other veterans, they are not alone.”


UAT will be featured on episode 4 of Veterans Playbook on Wednesday, Oct. 25 at 8 p.m. on Destination America. There will be a repeat airing on Thursday, Oct. 26 at midnight EST (prime time for Central, Mountain, and Pacific time zones).


The Veteran’s Playbook will also be available on Discovery Plus, Amazon Prime Video, and Pluto TV. 

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