8 New Military Museums Dive into American History

3. Minnesota Military Museum

This $13 million new museum will be located at Camp Ripley in central Minnesota and is due to open in spring 2025. The project includes a 40,000-square-foot facility on 32 acres of land. It will honor all branches of service.

Permanent exhibits will include Forts on the Frontier, about how Minnesota’s early forts and garrisons kept the peace and aided settlement on our early frontier, and the Story of the Jeep, highlighting Minnesota’s role in the vehicle’s development with six Jeeps from WWII through the 1980s on display.

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Visitors will be able to see more than 60 vehicles, tanks, aircraft and artillery pieces, step inside a boxcar used to transport American troops and horses in France during WWI and climb into the driver’s seat of a tank turret.

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a photo illustration shows a futuristic building with reflective panels in triangle shapes.

Multiple designs were submitted for the future National Museum of the U.S. Navy. Five finalists were announced earlier this year.

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4. National Museum of the United States Navy

The current National Museum of the United States Navy, established in 1962 and located on the grounds of the Washington Navy Yard in Washington, D.C., is preparing for an entirely new museum outside the Navy Yard.

Groundbreaking for the new museum is expected in the fall of 2025. Five ambitious designs were unveiled as finalists in April after an open competition. The Corsair aircraft, swift boat and sail of a submarine in the current museum will be transferred to the new one.

The current museum is open during limited hours and includes exhibits on the American Revolution, the Forgotten Wars of the 19th century and the Civil War. About 100,000 people visit it each year. The Navy expects 1.5 million annual visitors to the new museum.

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a photo illustration shows a tall, white triangle sculpture outside a gray, multi-story modular building. the building is the future p o w m i a museum.

The new POW/MIA Museum will be used to educate the public about POW/MIA history.

POW/MIA Memorial & Museum

5. POW/MIA Museum

This center and museum, located in Jacksonville, Florida, will be used to educate the public about POW/MIA history. In 1973, 591 POWs returned home from Vietnam, signaling the approach of the end of the war. Over 500 troops were still missing. The mission of this museum is to ensure a future that honors and celebrates our American prisoners of war and those missing in action.

Exhibits will include The Heroes Walk and Freedom Trees; Chapel of High-Speed Pass, featuring a Missing Man Pew; and the Cecil Field Legacy Plaza and Memorial. Memorial bricks can be purchased in honor of any who have served or are currently serving our country. There is currently no scheduled opening date.

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