Deion Sanders Says Schools Misleading Recruits

Deion Sanders, Colorado

Says schools are using rumors about him going to Texas A & M to tell students he won’t be at Colorado

Deion “Coach Prime” Sanders is claiming there are schools trying to use an unfounded rumor that he is leaving the University of Colorado Boulder to gain an advantage with prospective student-athletes in their recruiting efforts.

According to CBS News, during Sanders’ weekly radio show, he said that some schools were trying to detract recruits from going to the Buffaloes by saying that Sanders wouldn’t be in Colorado for long, even though he hasn’t completed his first year at the university. It was brought up because Texas A&M University recently fired its football coach, Jimbo Fisher, and Sanders has been linked to that job.

Sanders says he has no interest in the position.

“I don’t talk about any other coaches or teams or staffs. I don’t believe in that,” Sanders said on Nov. 15, according to 247Sports. “I am not going to put you down so I can stand up. I’ve never been that type of player or person in my life. But all these other schools are telling these young men and their families I am not going to be [at Colorado].”

He continued, “They think that we’re going to be so successful that I am going to leave. So they understand what we possess and the potential we possess. But that’s not true.”

Although the Buffaloes have a losing record of 4-6 and are currently in last place in the Pac-12 Conference with a 1-6 win-loss total, Sanders has resurrected the program after his team went 1-11 last season.

His presence at the school has helped pack the stadium after the lackluster play of its football team in recent years. Being the football coach has brought the school a financial windfall through ad deals, promotions, celebrity endorsements, and sightings, not to mention increased media coverage. The NFL Hall of Famer has reportedly generated $90.6 million in revenue for the Division I school, according to Yahoo Finance.

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