Detroit Officials Announce Round 2 Adult-Use Cannabis License Winners

Detroit officials announced Nov. 14 the winners of the city’s second round of adult-use cannabis business licenses.

The city’s Office of Marijuana Ventures and Entrepreneurship (OMVE) approved 37 applicants for retail, microbusiness and designated consumption establishment licenses, including 13 businesses majority owned by Black entrepreneurs, five majority owned by women and 21 owned by Detroit residents.

Tuesday’s awards come after Detroit issued its first 33 adult-use cannabis dispensary licenses in December 2022.

“Just shy of a year ago, the City of Detroit awarded its first round of adult-use limited licenses, which saw a little more than 50 percent of adult-use limited licenses awarded to Detroit residents who are the majority owner of their businesses,” City Council President Pro Temp James Tate said in a public statement. “Of those newly licensed business owners in ‘Round One,’ 16 are African American. Today, we continue the progressive expansion of our cannabis industry with the announcement of ‘Round Two’ awardees. Congratulations to all those who persevered through a gauntlet of challenges to get to this point; and I am excited for the future as we continue to provide legitimate opportunities for Detroiters within an industry that previously shut them out.”

The OMVE received 65 total applications for the available licenses.

Retail licensees are permitted to sell cannabis and related products from licensed growers and processors; microbusiness licensees are permitted to vertically integrate by growing and processing up to 150 plants and directly selling products; and consumption establishment licensees are permitted to host adults 21 and older to consume cannabis products on-site.

“We congratulate all the successful applicants who have been awarded licenses in Round Two,” OMVE Director Kim James said in a public statement. “These individuals and organizations have exhibited remarkable potential and commitment to operate successfully, while honoring the city’s diversity and equity goals. We are excited to witness their contributions to the sector and the positive economic impact we expect to see for the City of Detroit. OMVE remains dedicated to facilitating a transparent and fair licensing process, ensuring that all applicants have an equal opportunity to participate in this growing industry. The office encourages unsuccessful applicants to continue their pursuit of entrepreneurship and stands committed to offering support and guidance for future licensing opportunities.”

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