Shivam Bhardwaj aka The Guy In A Skirt is here to break stereotypes with his fashion skills!

If you think skirts, makeup, and jewellery are not meant for men, then wait until you see Shivam Bhardwaj aka The Guy In A Skirt. He is breaking steretypes with his mind boggling fashion skills, and watching him wear different outfits with a twist is so much fun.

Shivam Bhardwaj, aka The Guy In A Skirt, is taking your regular skirts to a whole new level. This Sharma Ji ka ladka is breaking stereotypes with his amazing fashion sense. His Instagram is flooded with stylish reels, unique outfits ideas, and a lot of DIYs with skirts. Shivam’s styling will give you the needed confidence to rock the piece of clothing you always wanted to try, while his reels will also make you say ‘clothes do not describe your gender‘ out loud. “I believe in breaking stereotypes with fashion. I am here to show that people from this community still stand tall in this field, and they are not someone who you represent as someone girly and feminine. If I wear a skirt, I can own it.”, says Shivam, aka The Guy In A Skirt, a 22-year-old fashion influencer, entrepreneur, and a proud gay.

Shivam makes videos on fashion, makeup, and lifestyle. His videos are mostly related to a cause and are always about breaking the stereotype. Talking about how this Sharma Ji ka ladka, aka The Guy In A Skirt, chose fashion over CA, he said, “I wanted to do bachelor’s in business management, but it’s an expensive course, and so my dad asked me to take CA.” But, after completing the first year, he realized that he is not made for accountancy. Since Shivam always found his peace in fashion, he finally decided to tell his mother. 

“At that time I knew nothing about content creation, but I knew that I wanted to do something related to clothes, and be a kind of a subject for people.”, he said.

Though Shivam has done different types of looks, most of his Instagram content revolves around Skirts. One of his reels talks about masculinity and how it is not affected by what you wear. It is one powerful video and definitely gives outfit goals. His passion for breaking stereotypes is quite visible, and we are totally in love with it.

Shivam calls himself a struggling content creator, and being from the LGBTQI+ community, he feels the type of content he makes is not accepted by everyone. However, his very first video with the skirt did not receive any hate, and he was surprised by that. “I was trying different things, and one day, I wore a skirt, and decided to shoot it. I did a video in that skirt, and the response was amazing. There was no hate, though I had only 4-5k followers at that time.”, he said.

Before this video, Shivam’s Instagram handle was named The Fashion Wolf, and after such a great response, he changed it to ‘The Guy In A Skirt.’, and since then, it has become Shivam’s identity as well as a major part of his content. “I wanted to showcase that even if I am standing in a skirt, I am a man, and I’m not talking about the community here. I am talking about a simple concept, that if a boy wants to wear a skirt then, let him wear it.”, he further said.

Though that skirt video did not get hate, most of his videos still get negative comments. Talking about how does he deals with it Shivam said, he finds the comments extremely funny. “Well, they don’t matter to me, and most of the time, I laugh at them as they are not even logical. They assume that I will be offended by it, but that is the funny part about it. I always say, bring something new that is actually offensive.”

Shivam came out and talked about his sexuality in a video, and a day before, he was so depressed that he thought he would die. ” I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I kept thinking that I had done something wrong. Nobody knew about it then, and it was my first time talking openly about my sexuality. While shooting the video, I didn’t feel anything because I knew I was good at it. Also, I found it very difficult to talk about the video even to my mom that tomorrow all our relatives will know about my sexuality. It was hard, and it is still hard.”, he said.

Shivam is a proud gay, and after he came out, he thinks that people have started picking on him. He feels that if you can make money out of your career, society will never bother. But, sexual orientation is a big issue. “I still get bothered by the eyes of people. I don’t want to, but I still get those looks. But, yes after my coming out video, I have become more confident to do things in public. I’m from this community, and I am gonna own it.”, he said.

Shivam shoots most of his videos outdoor, but it’s not a fancy location, it’s an area in his house, and it looks great. But, for him, it’s a huge task every single time. “Sometimes it gets so hot that I keep the cooler out there, and then shoot the video. I am still sorting things out as I have just started, and I have a long way to go.”, he mentioned.

Giving his tips on shooting outdoor, he said to always shoot in the golden hour i.e., between 4 pm to 6 pm. “Don’t go when it’s too bright especially from 12 pm to 3 pm. The exposure is high at that time and you will end up destroying your skin. Morning 8 am to 10 pm is good too. Also, don’t go alone, and ask your friends to accompany you, as it can get unsafe.”, said Shivam.

Though there is a lot of creativity in each of his videos, we couldn’t stop watching his re-creation of Charlie Chaplin. In this epic video, you will see him as Charlie Chaplin in a skirt, and we are totally up for this look. “I wanted people to show that I do have that humour, and I’m not just a guy wearing clothes. I have always seen Charlie Chaplin’s videos, and the black and white always attracted me. When I was planning, I wore the skirt, and the moment I saw myself, I thought this has to go out. Someone also told me that even Charlie Chaplin was bisexual, and so it goes together.”, he said.

This 22-year-old content creator is not just making videos but also selling amazing clothes. With his brand Violet, he is offering a fashionable and affordable range of apparel and accessories. “Every time I get an order, people say that they hope the quality is good because my collection is so affordable. That’s the reason why I have fewer clothes on my page, but all of them are affordable. We make sure to bring good fabric in the most affordable way. From Gujarat, Delhi, and other such cities, so that the cost is eventually less. I’ll not tell how I managed to do it, but I did it.”, he explained.

Quick 5 with The Guy In A Skirt

3 looks that can never go wrong?
Pantsuit, leather pants, and kurta pajama.

Suggest a quick stylish DIY with T-shirts
Take your oversized large shirt, I’ll suggest a nice printed one. Start buttoning up to your waist, and then fold the extra part inside your waist, and you can wear it with a t-shirt, or even wear a belt on it, it literally looks like a skirt.

Homegrown apparel brands for budget shopping?
Violet and Nomad

Three makeup tips for the beginners
Please apply your primer. Ensure that you have at least applied your foundation on the neck properly. Don’t forget the sunscreen. I’ll suggest you use a silicon-based as it works as a primer, and also gives a layer.

A place to get affordable cosmetics?
Go to the Maybelline store as it’s not just cheap, but it also gives a finished look.

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