Emilio Estefan: “Music is What Saved Me”

When Emilio Estefan emigrated from Cuba in the 1960s—eventually settling in Miami—it wasn’t by choice . . . it was by necessity. Even at a young age, Estefan understood he’d have to work hard for his freedom, for his family’s freedom.

That work came in the form of music. From the moment his uncle gifted him a $77 accordion, Estefan recognized that music would be the key to unlocking his own potential and showcasing the power and invention of Latino culture in America.

Today, as a musician and producer who’s worked with the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, and Ricky Martin, Estefan refuses to settle.

Recently made a partner in L’Attitude—where he’s connected to an incredible executive network of Latinos—Estefan sees now more than ever, the power we yield as one Latino community that extends far beyond music. One that promotes one flag with one color and centers on pride.

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