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If you tried an early-model robot vacuum and were a little underwhelmed, your mind may be blown at how far they’ve come — and specifically, by what the Roomba j6+ can do.

This is not your old-school bonk-around vac that gets tangled in blinds and stuck under furniture. This model has all the modern bells and whistles to get your home spic and span in the most effort-free way possible. It reacts in real time to obstacles (it can even identify and steer clear of dog or cat poop, with Roomba promising to replace it if it fails to do so), self-empties into its dock for up to 60 days so you don’t even have to think about regular maintenance, and it can create a map of your home so it navigates for wildly efficient and organized cleaning. You can also schedule it to vacuum certain areas at certain times without even needing to move from your couch — it can even send you a photo of an obstacle it encountered. Roomba promises it has 10 times the suction power of its previous 600 series models.

Best of all, this luxurious and practical wonder is 25% off right now.

Although I don’t own this particular model, I did upgrade from a non-mapping robot vacuum to a mapping robot vacuum, and can confirm it is a night and day upgrade. (Older models that lack mapping technology will just move around aimlessly in the hopes that all of the ground in your home is covered, which also causes them to get hung up on obstacles.) The ability to send out the machine to clean specific spills or set it to suction around certain messy areas like dining tables on a more regular basis is a hugely life-improving feature.

The j6+ “cleans better than I ever expected,” wrote on reviewer. Check out promising reviews from other buyers below, but keep an eye on the time: We’re not sure how long this deal will last.

“We were generally happy with our older model Roomba which was about 6-8 years old, but wanted a newer model with more features, especially the self-emptying option. This J6 Model not only has the self-emptying feature, which works great, but this “Rosie” does much more. Some great features are its ability to recognize electrical cords and avoid them, its ability to learn the layout of our home, and its many programming options like scheduled daily cleaning times, different cleaning zone setup and programmable quite periods. Also this newer model has stronger suction and is able to recognize and navigate over the various small rugs we have in our home. Finally, its been a real champ in cleaning up after our two constantly-shedding Corgis. After a couple of weeks use my only complaint, if it is one at all, is that the waste bag located in the base station has already filled up and was jam packed when we changed it. As our new Roomba has done an excellent job in getting under those hard-to-reach spots under our furniture, I expect subsequent bag changes to occur less frequently. Expect to pay about a few bucks for the replacement bags, but that’s still much cheaper than maid service.” — Tony B

“I unfortunately have had previous roomba models that bit the dust because they…. ran over poo. Makes such a mess and the vacuums are just destroyed afterwards. I don’t have many pet messes but when I bought this for the purpose of not getting destroyed, I never thought the second run would have this test! And it passed! Recognized it as poo and went around it! And also no more pulled cords!! This thing really takes care of your house, really gets the pet hair and dirt easily. The suction on the home does a great job at clearing the robot. I think the best thing is the software. It integrated the old roomba map of my house and was ready to clean immediately. The battery seems to last longer than the last model as well! Just overall, solid experience!” — Hans Colby

“Greetings, tidy-home enthusiasts! I recently welcomed the iRobot Roomba J6+ into my household, and let me tell you, it’s not just a vacuum; it’s a whole new level of clean with a dash of humor. First things first, we’ve had our trusty Series 600 Roomba for ages. But this Roomba J6+ is like the wise, older sibling who’s been to robot vacuum school and returned with honors. It’s a pet owner’s dream, identifying and deftly avoiding pet waste and those pesky cords. It’s almost like a ninja with a sense of humor, gracefully tiptoeing around potential messes. Now, the self-emptying feature? It’s nothing short of magic. No more vacuum-induced sneezing fits when it’s time to empty the dustbin. This little beast holds onto its dirt for up to 60 days. I’ve often wondered where it finds all the stuff it picks up – it’s like a vacuum archaeologist uncovering hidden treasures daily. But here’s the kicker – the emptying process is not exactly stealthy. It’s a bit on the loud side, so if you’re hoping for a silent midnight cleaning session, this Roomba might wake the whole household. It works best during daylight hours anyway, so that’s when we have it run. Comparing this Roomba J6+ to its predecessors or other robot vacuums is like comparing a luxury car to a skateboard. It’s smart, efficient, and pet-conscious, making it ideal for pet hair and homes with furry friends. I’d give it a solid five stars. The humor lies in its efficiency, and the pet waste avoidance is a real showstopper. So, if you want a pet-friendly cleaning ninja with a sense of humor, the Roomba J6+ is your vacuum-vandalizing hero! 🐶🐾🤖” — Dave W

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