Financial Literacy – How to Live from Savings and Investments

Former Brand Marketing Strategist demystifies Financial Literacy and shares how he went from a loyal, corporate employee to living off savings and investments – and how you can too!

To be frank, to many the topic of money is taboo in our households, not because of its sacredness but more-so out of ignorance. Who really wants to talk about how broke they are unless they owe someone? Even worse, who wants to be honest about the struggles they face in managing their finances?

According to the 2015 US Census Bureau, the average salary in America is $35,000. If this average were to remain the same throughout the average working career of 40 years, the average American would earn $1,400,000 in their lifetime. For many of us, if we knew this when first entering the market, we’d see this in a few ways:

1. That’s a lot of money I’ll make! I have time for savings when I’m older                   


2. How can I leverage this amount to afford me and my (future) family financial sustainability?

If we are being honest, most of us chose the route of #1 rather than #2. And for those who’ve passed the mid-point of their career, there may be a series of little panic attacks appearing more often. But it’s never too late! I was one who unconsciously chose #1, and after losing my job of 12 years in corporate America, I initially faced an increase of those panic attacks—until I realized… again, its never too late! This sudden loss in biweekly checks taught me several grand lessons:

• No employer is obligated to pay you for the rest of your life. Eventually, you will be laid-off, a victim of downsizing, or fired

• The older you get, the closer you are to losing your job. Companies are downsizing as well as outsourcing for labor (including the increased use of AI and robotics). Tenure no longer holds weight.

• Every 30 days we all have living expense bills that are due (mortgage/rent, car notes, credit cards, t-bills, food bill), When the day comes when you no longer have a job, how will you sustain yourself?

From my research I’ve designed a course that not only shares age-old strategic ways older than the Stock Exchange, but actual methods you can implement to be on the path to living off your savings and investments no matter what age you are!

Joining the Cryptowoke Financial Sustainability Movement (CFSM) is about exposing you to cryptic (or hidden) ways those in the know have been able to create individual and inter generational financial sustainability! I am living proof these methods work and I look to share with you numerous ways you can free yourself from the “Rat Race” and free yourself of the worry of how you and your family will prosper. Using strategies as old as two centuries, you will learn how to diversify your plan in the fields of credit, banking tactics, insurance, ecological and commodity investments, and blockchain technology.


I specialize in showing you how to weaponize your finances through my Cryptowoke Financial Sustainability Movement’s Online Master Course ( that will give you an opportunity to sustain 1) yourself and your immediate family, 2) your extended family which will enable inter generational transfer, and 3) communal cooperative economic resuscitation giving the collective purchasing power to rebuild and sustain our neighborhoods domestic and abroad. CFSMs mission is to create financial sustainability for 300 individuals/families to be in position/on the path of inter generational wealth transfer.

CFSMs goal is to take those 300 individuals/families who are now ‘Cryptowoke Ready’, and collectively take on cooperative endeavors to develop inter generational wealth. I’ve been learning about and investing in this space for a few years and recently found an even more important niche that’s been overlooked: understanding how money works and learning how to make your money earn money.

I am sharing my findings particularly with our people (POADUS or People of African Descent in the United States) because we’re the demographic who needs it most — plus, there’s a strong need to reinvest our learning into ourselves as I find we’ve recently re-entered an era in time that mimics the days before the Civil Rights Era and in some cases, before integration! We must take care of ourselves because frankly no one else will! If we are not mindful of how this world is changing, we will find ourselves in social and financial situations our children’s children won’t even be able to dig themselves out of! Which is why I feel this topic is timely essential. More people with degrees are unable to find work in their field of study.
Employees are overworked and paid less, leaving them to think their financial state is dependent on their Employer. Because the conversation of Financial Literacy is rarely dealt with in the majority of our homes, we haven’t learned how to make our money earn money opposed to having to show up at a thankless job that pays you just enough to show up every Monday. We’ve been conditioned to trade labor, or hours/ decades of our lives for money in the form of a check. The sole purpose of this movement and my course is to address the dire need for POADUS and Global Diaspora Africans to simultaneously learn as well as participate in the and monetary shift not just as consumers but as producers!

Getting #Cryptowoke offers the opportunity to create inter generational wealth in a way a job would never do! As you are looking for a solution for you and your family’s financial future, you need to get #Cryptowoke! 

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