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This conversation is such a full circle moment for Melissa considering she started her spiritual journey years ago by being a student in Gabby’s Spirit Junkie Master Class. Now to be sitting with Gabby as a podcast guest and a friend, it’s such a beautiful moment of reflection. They go deep on all the topics including living your truth, what the inner work consists of, how you can protect your energy, and perspective on sharing children on the internet. 

Both Melissa & Gabby have built a career centered around serving others, and they discuss what it’s like to make an impact in the world by continuing to do the work first on yourself and how to consistently show up. Gabby is the definition of showing up with her most recent book, Happy Days, that she describes as her most profound written piece of work and how it helped her heal from trauma. She describes how IFS (Internal Family Systems) is the next journey in her career with so many more books and topics that she wants to create and share. They of course also get into daily routines, their major love of red light therapy, the benefits of these routines, and a full breakdown of what she does at night for her alone time. Gabby is such a light in this world and this conversation is sure to open your eyes to find your own light within. 

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Melissa Wood-Tepperberg, founder of MWH and host of the Move With Heart Podcast, is a meditation teacher, certified yoga and pilates instructor, certified health coach, and beloved by the diverse community she’s cultivated through her unique approach to fitness and mindfulness over the years. MWH is a health, wellness & lifestyle platform on a mission to create a more mindful way of life, accessible and attainable for all. Melissa and MWH have been featured on LIVE with Kelly and Ryan, GMA, The Today Show, Forbes, Fortune and more. MWH was also the subject of a 2021 Harvard Business School case study. The most important part of this practice is that it’s not just about building the body you desire, it’s about building a better, stronger relationship with yourself. The foundation of this practice has always been about using what you have available to you, whenever, wherever you are. So, wherever you are on your journey, we have something for everybody. The MWH platform has a growing library of 500+ workouts in a variety of styles (pilates, yoga, meditation, pre & postnatal, and more!). Plus, with unlimited access to recipes & video tutorials, plus coveted lifestyle & nutrition tips, this is the destination to better every single aspect of your life.

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