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Heneka Watkis-Porter here, your host from The Entrepreneurial You podcast and TV show. A warm welcome to all our new listeners and a big shoutout to our dedicated followers – you’re truly the heart and soul of our community! Last week was about Unlocking Prosperity: Investing in the Future of the Caribbean with Damie Sinanan. Damie is in the position of Manager of competitiveness and Export Promotion with the Caribbean Export Development Agency. Today, we’re talking about all things advancing diversity. 

My guest today is Andria Barrett. Andria Barrett is the Founder of The Diversity Agency and is an award-winning Entrepreneur. Her business offers coaching, speaking, training, and consulting services to business owners and non-profit organizations. She is also a Co-Founder of The Banker Ladies Council, which focuses on helping women-led entrepreneurs through mutual aid and teaching cultural sensitivity.

She serves as a board member of the Culinary Tourism Alliance, PACE (Project for the Advancement of Childhood Education), and Help A Girl Out (HAGO) and has been appointed as a member of Humber College’s Program Advisory Committee (PAC).

Andria is a member of the Anti-Racism Advisory Committee with the Peel Regional Police and a famous Judge for awards, including the Canadian SME Awards and Canadian Mortgage Awards. She also leads the SheaMoisture DreamFund Grant program, awarding $50,000 to Black female entrepreneurs in Canada.

The Canadian SME named her one of the Most Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders two years in a row, and she was the 2022 Rotman Family Entrepreneur of the Year.

Connect with Andria: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andriabarrett/; https://twitter.com/msandriabarrett; https://instagram.com/msandriabarrett

Give Away: One copy of the book written by Dr. Caroline Hossein

Thank you for joining us today for this enlightening conversation with the incredible Andria Barrett, a true champion of entrepreneurship, diversity, and community empowerment. We hope you found her journey and insights as inspiring as we did. 

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Affirm with me: I am an unstoppable force of entrepreneurship and empowerment. My journey is filled with purpose, and I embrace each challenge as an opportunity to grow and make a positive impact. I am guided by my passion, driven by my vision, and empowered by my actions. With determination and resilience, I create a world where diversity thrives and opportunities abound. I am a catalyst for change, and my journey leaves a legacy of inspiration and transformation.

Until next time, stay curious, healthy, and tuned to The Entrepreneurial You podcast.

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