Digital Payments Revolution: Unveiling the Journey with Les Matthews – Money Moves Powered By Greenwood

Discover the fascinating journey of Les Matthews, a true visionary and expert in the realm of digital and emerging payments, in our latest episode! Currently, Les serves as the Executive Vice President of Services for North America at Mastercard. Leading a team of skilled professionals, he empowers Mastercard’s clients to excel by enhancing consumer experiences, driving innovation, and achieving business growth.

Tune in to hear Les’s inspiring story, from his humble beginnings in the foster system to becoming a proud HBCU graduate and eventually taking the reins at Mastercard. Get ready as he delves into the captivating world of digital payments, sharing insights on how the pandemic has accelerated the significance of these innovations. Don’t miss this enlightening conversation that reveals the power of digital transformation and the role it plays in shaping our modern economy!

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