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  • Pandemic painful for many self-employed women, but their numbers are rising again

    Years before the term “she-cession” became part of our national lexicon, the number of businesses owned by women was growing at a rate more than twice that of all businesses. Despite their increasing importance to the economy, women-owned firms were less likely than firms owned by men to be financially healthy heading into the COVID-19 economic crisis.

  • Mission-oriented banks in Texas and underserved businesses: lessons from the Paycheck Protection Program

    Although it is too soon to have outcome data on the ECIP, we can still explore how useful expanding MDI and CDFI lending might be to underserved small firms by using data on loan access and forgiveness from its predecessor, the PPP.

  • How PPP loans eluded small businesses of color

    Using national- and state-representative data from small business owners from the Federal Reserve System’s Small Business Credit Survey, we found that small business owners of color were in greater need of financial support than their white-owned counterparts, but they successfully accessed the PPP less frequently.

  • Small Business Credit Survey

    This report presents survey findings on business conditions, financial challenges and credit environment from the perspective of small business owners with employees.

  • Who benefited from the Paycheck Protection Program? Our Texas analysis offers an early look

    Though many hail the Paycheck Protection Program as a historic lifeline for the economy, others have raised concerns that the program reinforces inequities and has led to loan approvals not in alignment with its mission.

  • Women-veteran entrepreneurs face hardships made worse by pandemic

    Businesses that were already vulnerable before the COVID-19 pandemic have become even more so during the ensuing recession the last few months. These businesses tend to be smaller and younger and are disproportionately owned by Hispanic and especially Black entrepreneurs.

  • Moments That Matter

    A report analyzing results from a survey of women-veteran-business owners in Dallas–Fort Worth

  • Federal and local resources help small businesses strive for new normal

    In May, we released an in-depth look at the experiences of small business owners across Texas in the first month of the crisis. In the subsequent months, there have been updates to existing resources, and more initiatives have launched to support small firms across the country and state.

  • Southwest Economy, Second Quarter 2020

    Small Business Hardships Highlight Relationship with Lenders in COVID-19 Era

    The COVID-19 crisis has disrupted normal small business operations and will likely limit the ability of many enterprises to stay financially afloat.

  • Southwest Economy, Second Quarter 2020

    LiftFund’s Microlending Helps Small Businesses Battle to Survive COVID-19

    Janie Barrera is the founding president and chief executive officer of San Antonio-based LiftFund. Created in 1994, LiftFund has one of the nation’s largest microlending portfolios. The nonprofit provides loans and management training to very small enterprises in Texas and seven other states.

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