Entrepreneur’s Honest Cannabis Company sells CBD-infused coffee

Joshua Dudley started The Honest Cannabis Company and sells CBD-infused coffee.

Joshua Dudley, most recently of Sheboygan, loves coffee. His first venture resulted in a patent.

“My mom was watching ‘Shark Tank’ one day, and the inventor was interviewed, and my mother and I started thinking that it was cool and maybe we could come up with something,” he said. “She came up with the idea for an update to a French press, and I drew a design.”

Although Dudley had been considering opening a coffee truck, he put those plans on hold. They had engineering done, had gone through the application process, and were awarded a patent. The marketing continues, but he is also setting his sights on another new business.

The Honest Cannabis Company sells CBD-infused coffee.

The Honest Cannabis Company was formed this year and Dudley has found support for the idea. He participated in business pitch contests and took first place in the Level Up Pitch Contest in Manitowoc. With that encouragement, he is moving ahead.

“The invention got me interested in the coffee industry,” he commented. “My idea was to combine coffee with cannabis. I hadn’t really started seeing much of that and thought, ‘Why don’t I do this?’”

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