How To Energetically Goal ALL IN + Navigate the Hard Parts of …

I got off of this interview feeling SO LIT UP by the conversations we had and I KNOWWWW you’re gonna feel absolutely unstoppable by the end. We have Samantha Daily on the show and she is an EXPERT on the energetics and mindset of reaching your biggest goals. So you already know I picked her brain and got you the NITTY GRITTY on how to energetically go ALL IN, tangible advice for balancing the masculine and feminine energies of business (which btw, I feel like Sam gave the BEST analogy I’ve ever heard for this), how to take up space and be POLARIZING in order to magnetize the results you want, and we also had a spicy chat about embracing FAILURE as part of the process. I know you’re going to LOVE Samantha’s takes in this interview.


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