How to Start a Blog and Make Money in 2023

Would you like to start a blog and make money online? Then keep reading; this post is all about helping beginners launch their blogs in a few easy steps!

One of the biggest hurdles for me, on my blogging journey, was deciding which blogging platform to use. I knew I had to purchase a domain name and web hosting, but how to bring them together and make them work simultaneously​ was a mystery to me. Being new to blogging, I knew I wanted something easy yet something that looked professional. However, the simple solutions in 2009 that were already assembled looked clunky and amateurish.

I decided to hire a web designer to help me set up my blog.

I had never worked with a web designer before and knew nothing about how the process was supposed to work. I paid for all of the services upfront, which, sadly for me, was a costly mistake ($600, which did not include my hosting fees or domain costs).

After months of waiting for her to complete the work, she stopped communicating with me. I was left with an incomplete blog, and I had to hire a web programmer to fix and complete the work that she had left undone (another $150).

From start to finish, it took four months to set up my blog and cost $750 plus hosting and domain costs. A process that was only supposed to take 6-8 weeks. Starting a blog doesn’t have to be slow, expensive, or a pain in the neck.

If you’re ready to start a blog from scratch and make money from home, here is your step-by-step guide to begin.

How to Start a Blog Using WordPress

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