8 Steps to Total Confidence with Marie Wold

You’re listening to episode number 35 of the grind and be grateful podcast, and today it’s just you and me! I’m going to take you guys through my 8 pillars of total confidence and wellness and I’m SO excited for it because unlocking these 8 things is truly just life-changing for anyone that commits to it. And for a little background as to how these came about, a while back, I was looking for a framework or curriculum to take my coaching clients through that would help them integrate MENTAL transformation into their health + fitness journeys, because simply giving them workouts, a nutrition plan, and answering their questions wasn’t ENOUGH, it wasn’t giving the life-changing transformations that I knew I could help them create. Basically, I couldn’t find anything that made sense for my coaching philosophy and what I knew would be the most transformative… so I created my own, and over time I edited it, refined it, and eventually it became what I call the 8 Pillars of Total Confidence + Wellness. There are 8 pillars and each one helps you create… you guessed it– total confidence and wellness in your life in a BALANCED and sustainable way. And one of the best things about this framework is that even though it’s the same tools and overall end goal for everyone, it will LOOK different for everyone.

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