Counter Cultural Podcast — ERAH SOCIETY

As we prepare to bring you Season 6, explore the gems in Season 5.

An Oasis for Entrepreneurial Wellness.

Over the years we continue to gather an inspiring collection of interviews, entertaining conversations & solo reflections that show us just how important a holistic approach to business is for entrepreneurs, creatives & all humans.

When we center our well being, mind, body & spirit, the impact of our individual contributions can be felt for generations to come. Not only in our lives & intimate communities but in the greater collective as a whole.

What would it look like for CEOs, Farmers, Teachers, Artists, Thinkers, Writers, Healers, Designers & the like to be truly nourished? To be building a society that values & celebrates regenerative principles. Leading with human first philosophies & finding lasting success in their purposeful businesses.

This is the future of business.

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