#691 How Can Small Businesses Support Ukraine?

SEGMENT 1 with Alina Vandenberghe, starting at 0:00: How can small business owners help with the crisis in Ukraine? Alina shares how her company is supporting people in the region and how others can do the same.

SEGMENT 2 with John Livesay, starting at 19:00: Selling has changed a lot over the years. First, it was in person and by telephone. Today it’s also through social media, online reviews, texting, email, and Zoom. How does a small business owner put together an effective strategy?

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SEGMENT 3 with Mike Milan, starting at 37:45: There are two classic jokes about banks that small business owners can relate to. One, they will give you an umbrella when it’s sunny out and take it away when it starts raining. Two, we need to remember that bank is a 4-letter word. Can banks be different for small business owners?

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